Requena (LERE)

The Requena Airfield is a place where we would like you to feel comfortable.


The pilot who comes to visit or parks his plane here would find a well equipped airfield, with many services and a friendly professional approach – all at a great price. The secret lies in a fine balance between the needs of the pilot and the cost of the service, between offering a highly qualified professional service that can also feel friendly and close.


The Airfield at Requena aims to be a hub for aviation that offers plenty of activities for all ages. From air shows, first time flight experiences and classic airplanes exhibitions to walking and cycling trails, tourist attractions and gourmet temptations in the nearby villages. Our restaurant also provides a relaxing place for a stop, or a great start or finish to a day out.

We are proud to say that our pilot schools are training students from all over the world. And we are also proud to be part of the community by developing and encouraging aerial sports, being the headquarters for the Fundación Aérea de la Comunidad Valenciana, providing offices for several companies that offer aerial services and generating local employment and richness, not just financial but also cultural.


At Requena we believe a good aviation experience isn’t just for a small elite: it is instead the result of passionate people coming together to share knowledge and fun. It is composed of airclubs, acrobatic pilots, photography enthusiasts, classic airplane admirers, modeling, flight simulators…


It is our hope that the Airfield at Requena will become a reference for a new way to enjoy aerial sports, respectful to its surroundings, efficient and able to bring illusion and development to everyone who would like to participate in it.  We are much more than just an Airfield!


Information for the Pilot:

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